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Gift for starting school

Gift for starting school | Personalized sporting goods as a gift idea for the first day of school

What should I give my child Give a 1st day of school gift ?

You're wondering, what could make the start of school easier for my child? How about one custom printed ball. You will find us Footballs, volleyballs, basketballs and handballs for your child. Design your dream ball with an individual print online now in our 3D ball configurator. For example, with your child's favorite animal and its name, or with a tractor and a personal dedication. You will get it in less than 5 working days unique school enrollment gift delivered to your home. Your child will be amazed when he holds the printed ball in his hands!

Why personalized balls as a gift for starting school?

Your child, grandchild or godchild will go to school with pride. The one printed ball with a personal subject (e.g. an animal, car, comic, etc.) the child is always reminded of home. Not to mention the positive effect that the ball can now not be confused and your child can do sports.

Long story short... Customize THE back-to-school gift now!

Choose the favourite sport of your child, then the appears Ball selection , select the appropriate ball there, we lead special children's balls in the range . After selecting the ball, you end up in our unique 3D ball configurator . There you shape the ball individually with text, image, logo and comics . After the design you end up in the shopping cart. We offer you numerous payment methods to choose from. After the order is received, it takes time maximum 3-5 working days to yours personalized ball arrives at your home.