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Have your safety helmet printed – safe and fashionable at work

The head is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and requires special protection in some situations and environments. This applies, among other things, to workplaces where there is a risk of objects falling, swinging loads, working with acids, alkalis and solvents or flames. A protective helmet must primarily offer safety and therefore comply with DIN EN397, which does not mean, however, that it cannot also look good. With a personalized safety helmet from balleristo, the protective equipment becomes a real one-off that makes a statement at the workplace. When making our selection, we chose the premium brand uvex, which has been providing comprehensive protection at work and in leisure time with innovative helmet technologies for many years.


UVEX safety helmet pheos B-WR

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Print your protective helmet individually The light uvex pheos safety helmets in a sporty design offer maximum wearing comfort - for example th...

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Why have a safety helmet printed?

The personalization of a safety helmet gives the important equipment a personal touch and skilfully stands out from the usual design. Furthermore, depending on the design, your own personality can be expressed or the sense of community within a team in the company can be strengthened. In any case, wearing a printed safety helmet is twice as much fun and, depending on the color choice, can even increase safety. In addition, the risk of confusion is reduced.

How to design a personalized safety helmet? Let your creativity run free with our intuitive helmet configurator. From the name of the recipient to the company logo to a small message and even a photo, everything is possible with us. Are you still missing the brilliant idea? No problem. Simply use our numerous templates, cliparts and images.

What can you expect when personalizing a safety helmet?

The premium safety helmets are suitable for various needs, be it on construction sites, in forestry operations or when mountaineering. When it comes to the design, the manufacturer placed great emphasis on a secure fit, maximum comfort and a stylish look. Of course, all uvex protective helmets meet the applicable standards and guidelines.

We express your design on the protective helmet using the most advanced technologies currently on the market. Colored 4D printing raises the way of personalization to a completely new level, so that we can even realize runs of one piece at a fair price-performance ratio. The quality of the print on a three-dimensional object like a safety helmet is impressive and makes all the difference in terms of looks and durability.

With a good feeling: We were one of the very first printing companies in the world to be certified as a climate-neutral company. We ensure that we act sustainably, conserve resources and take care of the environment wherever we can.

You can personalize this protective helmet in different designs with us:

UVEX safety helmet pheos B-WR

The UVEX safety helmet pheos B-WR offers all-round reliable protection and maximum comfort for construction and industrial workers. As a very light model, it impresses with a sporty design and a robust, dimensionally stable helmet shell that can also withstand lateral pressure. Equipped with sophisticated ventilation and an extremely customizable 3D interior, it ensures comfortable wearing for many hours. A functional accessory system, consisting of optional visors, protective goggles, hearing protection or lamps, makes this helmet a versatile companion at work.

The smart rotary wheel system enables stepless width adjustment for the perfect fit, while the six-point textile strap suspension ensures an optimal fit. The helmet meets the EN 397 standard as well as additional requirements for very low temperatures and metal spatter, which underlines its outstanding quality and reliability. It is available in multiple colors to suit the individual preferences and needs of the wearer.

A printed safety helmet is an excellent gift idea for anyone who wears safety clothing at work - for any occasion. Do you have any questions about the protective helmet printed or would you like to create a special design? Please contact us personally.